Harvest Christian Assembly



(Calendar Of Events) 


                           SUMMER SCHEDULE CHANGES

                               REMINDER: We will not be having the

                                   the Midweek Bible Discussion 


                                        the Women's Bible Study 

                                       during the summer months. 

                   Enjoy your summer! 




 Sunday June 4th

Missions Ofering

Margaret Gilger--speaking 


Sunday June 7th

Debt Reduction Offering

Brad Moore- speaking

Church Board Meeting 

Wednesday June 14th 

Worship Practice 6pm

Sunday June 18th

Father's Day Service 

Capital Improvement Offering


Wednesday June 21st

Worship Practice 6pm 

Sunday June 25th


Church Picnic 1pm

 @ Pastor Ron and Shawn's House 


Wedsenday June 28th

Worship Practice 6pm